Manos is a Research & Teaching Assistant at the University of Paris-Seine in France, doing a PhD in Computer Science on "Quality & Privacy in User-generated Big Data: Algorithms & Techniques".

He holds an MSc in Science & Technology of Electrical & Computer Engineering and an Engineer's Degree (5-year programme) in Computer & Communication Engineering from the University of Thessaly in Greece.

His broad research interests focus in (but are not limited to) the area of Ubiquitous Computing, Internet of Things and especially Crowdsensing and Data Management.

Contact Details

Manos Katsomallos
2 Avenue Adolphe Chauvin
B√Ętiment A
Bureau 564
95300 Pontoise
+33 1 34 25 66 55
[email protected]


University of Paris-Seine

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer ScienceOngoing

Quality & Privacy in User-generated Big Data: Algorithms & Techniques

Explore integration issues for spatio-temporal data coming from crowdsourcing platforms and understand the impact to the privacy of personal information. Study matters relating to the effect of size of data to the quality and the impact of improved quality on users' privacy.

University of Thessaly

Master of Science (MSc), Science & Technology of Electrical & Computer Engineering2015

Mechanisms for the Dynamic Installation & Control of Data Collection Tasks on Smartphones

Extend "EasyHarvest" to support the flexible development, installation and activation of dynamic standalone and collaborative privacy mechanisms using Wi-Fi Direct on mobile personal devices, as independently developed software components that can be used in conjunction with sensing applications that run on the device. [Read More]

University of Thessaly

Engineer's Degree (5-year programme), Computer & Communication Engineering2014

Deployment & Controlled Execution of Sensing Tasks on Smartphones

Build "EasyHarvest", a crowdsourcing framework that simplifies the deployment and controlled execution of large-scale sensing applications on Android smartphones via a single web interface. Introduce a RESTful API in Java on top of Tomcat for client-server communication and data collection organized in SQL and XML structures. [Read More]


University of Paris-Seine

Research & Teaching Assistant Oct 2016 - Present

  • - Developing Applications for Mobile Devices
  • - Advanced Databases
  • - Web Services & Service Oriented Architectures
  • - Data Integration & Warehouses

LET'S GO travel net

IT Consultant Oct 2015 - Sep 2016

Design "Live Like Local", a collaborative cross-platform framework that facilitates the communication of citizens with local authorities. Let visitors discover how the locals live and allow businesses to offer unique experiences and maximize their profits.


Intern Jul - Sep 2015

Assert with Google Test and further develop CernVM WebAPI, an infrastructure in C++ that enables launching computational jobs on volunteer, cluster and cloud nodes. Support with this technology "Virtual Atom Smasher", a CERN interactive educational game in JavaScript, and upgrade its UI.

University of Thessaly

Graduate Assistant Sep 2014 - Jun 2015

  • - Concurrent Programming
  • - System Programming


  • Internet of Things
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems
  • Ubiquitous Computing

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